Emma McIntyre and Matilda Strang produced two residencies on Eilean Shona between 2015 (3-day pilot weekend) and 2017 (one-week residency). Both residencies aimed to provide participants with an opportunity to engage with an interdisciplinary programme of talks, discussions, workshops and performance. Participants came from a range of backgrounds and interest, including artists, musicians, writers, scientists and academics. 

With the intention of enabling an open and responsive space, both residencies encouraged new or different ways of thinking and learning, inspired by the unique environment and each other.

Matilda Strang is a curator based in Glasgow. She is interested in supporting artists/cultural workers to achieve their vision, whilst facilitating or initiating dialogue. She likes to follow/support ideas or research that can move into different worlds to inform or inspire different groups of people. Since 2011, she has co-directed an experimental art and music festival called Supernormal, based in Oxfordshire, England. 

Emma McIntyre is a producer based in Glasgow. She is currently Associate Producer at Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art and part of the performance group Fallopé and the Tubes. Emma is interested immersive experiences, performance and learning with new communities – so works predominantly with musicians and artists to develop experimental cross-discipline events in urban and rural locations.

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For the Shona Island Residency in 2012 and 2013, please follow this linK:  http://shonaislandresidency.tumblr.com/